5 Reasons why your Corporate Christmas Party should have a photo booth


As the end of year starts to approach every workplace no doubt is thinking about their end of year celebrations. We have a few tips on how to make your corporate Christmas party a bit more exciting this year!

In this digital day and age it is no secret that capturing moments in our lives is important. It comes as almost second nature to most of us to whip out our smart phones, camera apps or even go-pros whenever something slightly interesting happens.

As humans, we are obsessed with capturing memories through photos and videos as something for us to always look back on. With that said, here are our 5 reasons why your corporate christmas party should have a photo booth: 

1.   Everyone can get involved!

Photo-booths are an all-age friendly activity. Generally speaking, a lot of end of year parties struggle to be all-inclusive, often lacking in excitement. If you work with a range of different aged people, or colleagues are bringing their children to a family friendly event it is vital to make sure every activity will appeal to every single guest.  

Therefore we can guarantee adding a photo-booth to your Christmas and end of year celebrations will involve all your guests and boost the party experience!

 2. Keep it classy by keeping it casual!

We all know end of year parties are an excuse for the corporate world to let their hair down and celebrate the successful working year they have had. It is definite that you will see a more relaxed side of your colleagues.  

Without making it a formal affair, the Christmas party is always an excuse to have a fantastic night out. Having a photo-booth at your event will ensure that guests will bond over the experience of taking a photo, GIF or video on our entertainment systems!

3. Make it one of those unforgettable nights!

phototainment 2.jpg

A night where staff let loose will without a doubt ensure that embarrassing and funny stories from the night will live on throughout the entire year, until the next Christmas party! Allow your guests to look back on the night with print outs that are often placed on their desks and digital copies of their photo-booth experiences. Photos can even be projected onto a large screen to make this experience more engaging in real-time for all event attendees.

 Why not differentiate your captured moments from the saturation of Snapchats or social media ‘stories’ by purchasing a package with unlimited print-outs! This is a lovely way to allow your guests to leave the night with a keepsake and take home the memories to cherish forever!

4. Fit it to the theme!

If your end of year celebrations are themed then say no more, our fully customisable set up allows us to work with you to cater for any theme you may have!

This goes hand in hand with our large range of (free of charge) props. A theme is never complete without photos of guests dressed up completely with the help of our photo-booth props!

 5. Add to the complete experience!

Parties are all well and good for your guests to stand around engaging in small talk, having to awkwardly converse with co-workers. However the Phototainment digital system is an engaging experiences where guests can use the technology and use it as an ice-breaker or capture moments from the night. Our modern age ‘photo-booths’ are an experience rather than an out of date booth!

 We hope our tips on why a Phototainment system at your Christmas party helped you decide on how to create the ultimate end of year celebrations! Be sure to check out our booking page to land one of our three Phototainment booths at your next corporate event.

Meirav Dulberg