How to Make Your Engagement Party a Memorable Affair

Getting engaged is one of the most special times in ones life! It celebrates the love and union of two people who are about to start their lives together. An engagement party does not have to be an over-the-top celebration, keeping it simple is a way to ensure it is intimate, cost effective and special.

‘Print outs are the perfect way to make your engagement party a lasting memory for both you and your guests!’

Here at Phototainment, our attendees constantly present at special occasions and celebrations of life. Therefore we have come to recognise some of the ways to make your party a memorable affair!

Here are our top tips:

Capturing the Moment: 

Having a photo-booth is a sure way to capture the special moments of your celebration. Guests can use the Phototainment digital experience to create videos, Gifs or still images. The use of props makes it all the more friendly and engaging! 


Providing a memorable keepsake:

We all know how special displaying photos in our office, on our fridge or in frames on walls is, which is why photo-booth print outs are the perfect way to provide your closest family and friends with a keepsake. 

A keepsake allows your guests to take away a special gift from your engagement party with our unlimited print out packages. Print outs are the perfect way to make your engagement party a lasting memory for both you and your guests!

Thanking your guests:

When booking your photo-booth, our fully customisable templates allow you to share the love with your guests by including a short and sweet thankful message on each print out! 

This goes hand in hand with our customisable front panel to make the photo-booth experience all the more special. Allow guests to remember your engagement forever with a hard-copy photo or on social media with our digital copies included in every package!

Create a guest book:


Creating a guest book is a lovely way to be able to look back on your engagement party and all the fun you had! 

Allowing all guests to stick a copy of their photo-booth pictures in a guest book accompanied by a special, personal message will allow you to cherish the memories forever. This is also a great idea for your wedding too! Allowing you to start you new married life together with two albums filled with loving memories from day one.

We hope our guide to making your engagement party all the more special is helpful in planning your engagement party. These events get us almost as excited as our clients. Be sure to check out our booking page for details on how to contact us regarding a photo-booth for your next event!

Bronte Chandler