We have a unique setup offering and it's the only one of it's kind in Australia.

Vish L - IMG_0238_web.jpg

A large 42-inch interactive touch screen display looks like having a huge ipad right in front of you. This screen sits on a custom-built solid metal frame that can blend in quite easily with any set-up. The front panel comes with a Phototainment logo, but can be replaced and tailored to any logo or a message or a photo. Photos taken by our photo booths are of high quality as we use Canon DSLRs.

We knew that one setup won't be enough so we invested in THREE identical setups. This allows us to be at multiple events at the same time or have multiple setups at the same event that has a large number of attendees.

The best part of our setup is that it can be used for many things.

 A large 42-inch on the custom-built setup can be used to run:

  • Advertisements - Video and Images

  • Presentations

  • Demonstrations

  • Slideshows of images captured using our Hashtag Capture mode

 You attach the camera and it turns into a Photo Booth!


Want to learn more?

Visit our contact page or call us on 0413 240 700