5 Reasons Having a Photo-booth at your Wedding is Ideal!

Here at Phototainment, we know weddings! We research them, attend them, work at them and provide endless entertainment with our digital age photo-booth at them. So we can confidently let you in on a little secret - you will not regret having a photo-booth at your wedding!

We understand when imagining your perfect wedding day it is easy to picture the dress, the cake, the guest list and of course the significant other! But putting a little extra thought into other details of your special day will allow you to have a stand-out celebration in the minds of your guests and yourself. 

Providing your guests and yourselves with keepsakes of your wedding is a lovely touch to what will no doubt be an amazing occasion! 

The little details will fall in place as the event planning commences, but the bigger details like finding and booking forms of entertainment and photography can often be a daunting task. That’s why we take the stress out of your planning and combine both elements with our photo-booth to make it a hassle free win-win for everyone.

Here are 5 reasons why having a photo-booth at your wedding is ideal:

  • Less is more (space)!

One of the main concerns when booking a venue for your special day is coordinating space requirements with the number of guests you are expecting. This is why our Phototainment set up is ideal. Whether you are having an intimate wedding in a smaller space or a large wedding in a venue that caters for bigger number, our set up can fit in a 3m x 3m space. 

  • All you have to worry about is enjoying the fun!

Let us take some of the stress out of your wedding day by providing an attendant that is completely responsible for the seamless organisation and running of the Phototainment photo-booth all night. They will engage with your guests, keep line-times to a minimum and completely run the photo-booth hassle free. 


This also includes the set up and pack down of the photo-booth, so you will not have to lift a finger! This takes a weight off your shoulders, when all you have to worry about is snapping the perfect picture in our photo-booth!

  • We have you covered:

No matter what type of event your wedding is we are able to cater packages to suit. This means the possibility of less props and a smaller set up for an intimate backyard wedding, or a multiple photo-booth (yes we have more than 1!) set up for a larger guest list, or even personalising a package to enjoy our photo-booth entertainment system at both your engagement party and wedding!

  • Personalisation

The recent years have seen the trend of personalisation and monogramming spike like crazy. There’s no doubt that it caught on fast and saturates every gifting, trinkets or homeware store. It is often a sweet touch to an otherwise standard purchase like a phone case, pillow case or keyring. 

But seeing as our everyday lives are filled with monogrammed personalised special items it is no surprise that event planners LOVE this option. That’s why one of our most popular features of our entertainment systems is the personalisation options available. We’re talking the front panel with the lovely bride and groom’s names or their special ‘catch phrase/hashtag’.


If you decided to use an image/graphic as part of your wedding cards, the same image/graphic can be printed on our front panel or photo templates or even on the front cover of our customisable guest books. This has proven to provide a consistent experience to your wedding attendees - check out some pictures from our recently married couple with a touch of NY to their wedding!

Be sure to check out our booking page to get in contact about having one of our entertainment systems at your wedding!

Bronte Chandler