Best Tips for Planning your Dream Wedding

Weddings are without a doubt the most special time in a couple’s life. It is a celebration of love, unity and the life they are about to start together. For obvious reasons, it is easy to be overwhelmed when planning your dream wedding. The wedding industry is saturated with options of dresses, cakes, bands, venues, flowers and much much more. 

We have created a list of a few tips we think will help when beginning to plan your wedding:

1. Timing - 

Are you and your significant other a fan of summer or spring, winter or autumn? Deciding on your ideal weather is a good place to start your planning.

2. Location - 

This one goes hand in hand with timing. Do you want a destination wedding ? Or maybe a wedding at home, either way both are key considerations when setting the foundations of your wedding.

3. Guest List -


Maybe you want to elope and keep it small with just those involved in the marriage, or maybe you want a big event with hundreds of your nearest and dearest. The guest list is one of the most important factors as it is choosing who you want to invite to help you celebrate one of the most important and special days with you! It is a way to bring family and friends and all your loved ones together, which will naturally take a lot of thought and consideration.

4. Venue -

This is where the specific details come into play. You have your dream location, guest list and time of the year sorted, which narrows does your venue options! Have you always dreamed about an outdoor wedding in a park? Or maybe a ceremony in a church!

5. Entertainment - 

Have you always had your heart set on a band to play at your wedding, or maybe you share a special connection with a DJ who played when you met your significant other, sourcing entertainment for your wedding is an exciting way to start planning the smaller details!

6. Photography -

It goes without saying that you will remember your wedding day for the rest of your years, but photographs are always a bonus! Photographers and videographers and photo-booths are a great way to ensure you have some beautiful visuals to look back on and reminisce.


7. Catering -

Depending on if your wedding is a sit down dinner or a cocktail party it is important to remember that food is a major part of any event! Catering for your guests and (more importantly) your favourite taste is a very important part of your wedding planning!

We hope our wedding planning guide allowed you to start planning your special day! There truly is no other occasion like it. Be sure to check out our booking page or contact us with any enquiries!

Bronte Chandler